What! I’m Cheetah Pimp?

There’s this crazy ‘meme’ that’s going around that you are supposed to figure out what kind of Super Hero you are by asking some questions. In under 30 seconds this website does a complete super human psychological profile to determine what type of super hero you would be.

This was originally started by Steve Rubel, and it’s going nutty on Techmeme. Anyways I filled it out and here’s what I got below. Honestly, I feel a little bit cheated as Andy Beal is Superman, Calacanis is Green Lantern, Dave Winer is Iron Man, Colleague Tris is Spider Man, Eric Rice is also a Lantern, and Arrington too.

Your results:

You are Cheetah Pimp

Cheetah Pimp
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern
Iron Man
Hairy with bad taste in Clothes
Your yellow big collar deflects spam bots
Eyebrows that shield the sun from your laptop screen
The Cheetah

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Ok, I’m just being silly, this is a parody, (as if there memes aren’t bad enough). More info on Cheetah who is apparently a real comic villain (and a pimp) who fought Captain America.

Jeremiah Trivia: I’ve the entire Jim Lee collection while he was at Marvel Comics, Punisher WJ, Xmen, and even Alpha Flight!

  • that is the best one so far.

  • Jim Lee is responsible for an entire generation of geeks who are currently trying to design a woman with Psylocke’s physique in a genetics lab. ;-p

  • Is that your spare hobby Storagezilla?

    Before Jim Lee, I don’t think Psylocke was Asian.

  • I didn’t know you were a comic book guy. I used to be back in the day (Faves are/were The Xmen and Spider-Man). And while I love Jim Lee’s work, I am still very partial to Todd McFarlane’s work during his Spider-Man run.

  • Oh…I got Superman. To be honest, I would prefer to be more of an anti-hero character (Wolverine, Batman, etc.). Superman is too nice…

  • Hmm, maybe I could get Cheetah Pimp to stop by Pimp Your Work ;).

    I’ve always loved comics too, never enough to be a serious colletor, but I loved looking at them when I visited my cousins (who were serious collectors).

  • That’s because until Jim Lee she wasn’t, she was originally English (Captain Britain’s sister) until a mind swap which resulted in Wolverine and Jubilee going looking for her and finding that she was now an assassin trained by the Mandarin..and Asian.

    If I recall they didn’t even bother explaining how that happened until years later.

    As for my hobbies I’m far too busy in the lab working on being Dr Doom. Europeans make the best villains. 🙂

  • Damon…yeah man, next time you come over I’ll show you my collection. Oh man you’re TOO nice to be wolverine, superman suits you well.

  • Stroagezilla

    Sounds like Jim Lee made an artistic decision (probably stemming that he’s Asian too) and made her Asian, and they had to backtrack to create that story. Funny.

  • Alan

    i’m superman… 🙂

  • Okay, Jerry, I took the quiz…. I am the Flash.

  • Alan, Mark

    I’m so jealous. Why does everyone else get the cool heroes?

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    You haven’t seen me pissed off yet;-) You should ask my girlfriend or my brother about what I am like when I am mad….definitely not a nice guy like Superman:)

  • Kurayzee

    There was this guy at the San Diego Comicon who was convinced I was Jim Lee and he was always in my face about getting me to do a sketch for him. So I drew some stick figure in a cyclops costume in his book and charged him $100. He was happy and so was I.

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