Silicon Valley Sightings: SAP Labs Palo Alto

SAP, Palo Alto

Above: SAP’s Palo Alto Labs on 3410 Hillview, Palo Alto (see Google Maps Satellite zoom in)

I was fortunate to enjoy lunch with fellow Strategist (Business Strategy mind you not Web Strategy) yesterday. We discussed the long term impacts that web and social media has on business. Here’s a picture I took a while ago at the Social Media Club’s Oct 23rd event From Social Media to Corporate Media. Here’s some other pics of their incredible work cubicle environment, and some interesting art in their lobby. (I asked before taking these pics FYI)

“Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, SAP Labs U.S. is the first SAP Lab established outside of Germany. The mission of SAP Labs U.S. is to leverage the many valuable assets within Silicon Valley and the expansive U.S. market in order to drive innovation, strategic partnering, and field support/customer success. Over the past ten years, SAP Labs U.S. has grown dramatically from 25 to more than 1,500 people.” (More on SAP site)

SAP has been around for four decades, but I was most impressed with SAP’s hospitality in inviting the top minds in the area to discuss Social Media. Most know that SAP has deployed these tools, check out the SAP Network Blogs, and their collecting knowledge on this Wiki.

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