Pandora to share among the ‘Community’

Just last week I wrote why I use Pandora.  I often listen to Pandora at home and at work, and it has significantly reduced the amount of money spent on music media down 90%.  Yes, Pandora and Last FM and other internet radio stations are disruptive to companies like Tower Records (who recently went bankrupt).  The Web continues to change the world.

This websites called Pandora Stations has some ‘preset’ stations that let you have a jump start rather than creating your own.

Pandora will be offering ‘social’ features that let the community share amongst themselves tonight.  Likely it will pair up users with similar interests for recommendations, that’s been done in Amazon for years and most recently with Stumbleupon.  Thanks Michael Arrington for the story.

Great news to hear when websites develop a Community Strategy to improve their service.