Why I use Pandora

Recently, I canceled XM Radio in my car, the sound quality was so low and the music selection was repetitive. I listen to Pandora at home and at work, it’s really great. They get the concept that the user is in charge. Here’s a few things I like about them:

  • Streaming video
  • Music the way I like it
  • Simple, smooth interface that is easy to use
  • Advanced features just one click deeper (but not cluttering the main player)
  • High quality sound
  • No ads in the play list
  • A pretty deep play list, and
  • You can customize your channels, vote for songs, and build the radio YOU want.
  • No login to sample (I believe LastFM requires this)
  • I can share my playlists
  • It’s free!

Recently, Pandora started to apply branded skins on the webpage home, this is part of their advertising model. I really respect Pandora and their sponsors.

Because Pandora respects me as a user, I respect them and their sponsors. I’m much more inclined to purchase products from their vendors such as Nike, Apple iPods, Chase Freedom, Comcast, and Palm.

My wish list is that I want the channels for my mobile consumption, in the car, on my iPod. I wish they could easily (legally) export that content to me. Next is to add more community features so I can communicate with others and find others that share my similar interests.  Also, I just took a look at StumbleUpon, this model could also be applied to Pandora, perhaps rather than having Pandora classified content.
Although I know some of the good folks over at Pandora, I’m not obligated by any way for this review, these are my personal recommendations as a consumer.

Oh, and case you’re wondering what do I listen to? Chill, Lounge, Bluenote Era Jazz, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Progressive House, and Salsa. I own albums such as Coltrane, Miles Davis, JJ Johnson, Bill Evans, Crystal Method, Tiesto, BT, Oakenfold, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, Tito Puente, and Pancho Sanchez.

I’ve no relationship with Pandora, this is just my personal review.