Silicon Valley Sightings: Jeremiah, Dave, and Kris

Jeremiah Owyang, (Podtech) Dave Roberson, (CEO of Hitachi Data Systems) Kristopher Tate (Zooomr)

This is one of my favorite photos, myself with CEO Dave Roberson of Hitachi Data Systems and Kris Tate, CTO and Founder of I love the warmth of this photo, and being with two amazing Silicon Valley leaders.

This was at Dave’s get together Wed night, he told us his kids use Zooomr! Kris is one of the most brilliant and industrious minds around.

Photo by Thomas Hawk, CEO of zooomr, View his favorite shots

  • Hi Jeremiah, thanks for the invite to you and Hitachi on Wed. Kristopher and I had a great time! I really enjoyed meeting Dave as well. He’s a super interesting guy and definitely knows his wines!

  • Zooomr guy looks totally photoshopped.

  • He was there! See my flickr photos for proof.

    I believe that Thomas touches up his photos to enhance.

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  • Zooomr guy looks totally photoshopped.