Seeking Web Marketing and Web Design company

I’m frequently asked if I can help, or know of any firms that can help with web strategy, web marketing, or web design, most often for Small Companies in the bay area. If you know anyone, or are that person yourself, please leave a comment or forward this post to others. Many of these companies want a web presence, or want to get their site redesigned and updated.

In the past, I’ve helped small companies, but this is nearly impossible to do given everything going on.

Leave a comment if you know anyone!

  • Hi Jeremiah,
    Thornley Fallis and 76design (new site to launch in 2 days) can help with web strategy, web marketing and web design.

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    I help organizations to use the web effectively in pursuit of their overall business goals. My clients include small to medium sized businesses, national non-profit organizations and solo entrepreneurs. You can learn more about my company and services here:


  • Hey J…

    I can take on some super small design jobs. Perhaps a site to get a company started that can then be expanded upon as the company experiences growth. Web standards, Microformats, all that goodness.

  • Bess

    Starting next year 2007, Our Web SIG ( will consider accepting qualified local company requests to enter our case study sessions.

    Case study sessions will be lead by our experience web professionals along with our members openly discuss the existing site based on 1) interface design 2) information architecture 3) interactive element 4) user experience 5) database design 6)SEO & SMO 7) Client-side technology 8) Server-side technology 9) web host or server 10) e-commerce like shopping cart & gateway 12) site traffic 13) Marketing & Branding

    We will also share resources that can help companies to upgrade their site with newer technology, building tools, design tools, analytic tools, available APIs, etc.

    Are we nuts? Nope, we are positioned to be the leading web organization to provide information exchange among web professionals. We also help our members to grow their professional knowledge, career and network.

    Bring your business problems on the table. Our Web Doctors and Nurses will be giving you a close examination, health check up, and diagnosis. We’ll tell you what kind of surgery you need.

    Come to our meetings to get more information.

  • Hats off to you for spreading the word Jeremiah. Judging from the companies I’ve seen in this thread, there’s plenty of talent to go around.

    We’re in Dallas, but as with all the other non-Bay Area firms, we do a lot of work remotely.

    George Dearing
    The WOW Agency

  • Thanks everyone, keep them coming…

  • I’ve informed my friend of this post who is seeking a group, thanks all.

    I will be reffering to this post in the future as well.

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  • We’re an interactive marketing firm based out of St Louis, and our focus has been on adding blogs and blog marketing to online portfolios.

    We’ve done some pretty amazing things with Typepad to create website/blog hybrids that have excellent SEO and of course, content management. And we’ve been bloggers for five years… is our company blog.

    Thanks Jeremiah – btw, I sent someone your way the other day who had a question about melding his blog with his company. I hope the two of you were able to connect.

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  • Estrategias en Web

    Somos una pequeña empresa, ubicada en Costa Rica. Formamos una entidad que se distingue por su filosofía de creación y su continua evolución en la combinación de ideas y soluciones.

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  • Bess Lauer

    My company uses Web Associates – I’ve worked with a lot of web design firms in the past. I’ve even worked for one – and this is by far the one of the best to work with.

  • Our company deals with web development, e-marketing, image creation, advertising and PR. We’ve worked with a number of companies both in Bulgaria and abroad. We are ready to work with you and look forward.

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  • Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! iyxxgyxfbb

  • Thanks for your helpful information, Jeremiah.

    If someone is looking for a website designer, please visit my website and contact me for my help.

    I am located in Michigan, but have helped small businesses establish a quality web presence in surrounding states. Thanks!

  • …….

  • Yogesh Malik

    Well Iam a Web Designerin India. I have gone through your web site, You are looking for a person who can do the freelancing for you compnay, Well have an experience of 1.5 years in web designing, near about 40 to 50 web sites are online I’ll send you the links of all that web site, before sebding this can you just give me your feedback Well I am a professional web designer and HTML coder and CSS You will know when you have a look on my resume, For futher details just mail me on my E-mail Id’s

    Yogesh Malik

  • Nasser Lalmahamode

    hi, looking for small contractual offers, for designing and publishing web sites. i use dreamweaver. i’m new in doing web sites.

    Most of all, i do it on very low prices. example : 150 pound to 200 pound per site.


  • Nasser Lalmahamode

    hi, looking for small contractual offers, for designing and publishing web sites. i use dreamweaver. i’m new in doing web sites.

    Most of all, i do it on very low prices. example : 150 pound to 200 pound per site.

    mail –

  • hi we are a web design,cartooning and animation based training and production house,will be very happy if given a work on any of the sector..the rate is very simple its just–100 dollor -500 dollor per site

  • very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

  • dear Jeremiah,

    we are running a software company in india( chennai). it is a start up level company. we are seeking for a website orders. basically we are tallented in web designing,php, 2d & 3d animations.
    we will be thankfull if you gave us the project orders.
    thanks & regards

  • Come fly with us on the wings of creativity

    Yes come & explore the sparkling world of creativity with Miracle Studios. It’s Miracle Studios where those wandering thoughts in the mind are finely chiseled by the finest artists in to various forms of online streaks (like web sites, flash games & other online gestures).

    But, Miracle Studios does not operate like your near-street web design company, in fact it’s an ideology, it’s our fathomless passion for the art of “Designing “that drives us to our limits for creating those unimaginable wonder’s for our clients.

    That’s who we are. We are not for driving some serious mullah at our shores; we are not for springing boredom on internet by creating same generic-stuff. Perhaps Miracle Studios holds the baton for creating path-breaking innovations, in the field of web designing & development.

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  • Hello Jeremiah,

    Our San Diego based web design company is focused on helping small to medium size companies build relationships with their target audiences online. We combine our expert knowledge of search engine optimization and social media marketing to gain maximum brand awareness.


    Chris Turnquist

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    We are a results-driven digital agency located in San Francisco and led by former Adobe and Macromedia senior creative staff. We create websites for companies of all sizes in addition to integrated marketing campaigns, SEO/SEM and mobile marketing. We work in both consumer and BtoB markets.

    Please feel free to have anyone looking for a resource contact us. If we aren’t the right fit, we will recommend an agency or freelancer who would be a better fit.

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