iPods will be Irrelevent, Apple must deliver iPhone

I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone would think that the iPhone is not going to be a reality.  iPods will be irrelevant by 2008 as cell phones offer convergence.  I witnessed this in Japan with my friends phone, convergence is coming.

It’s absolutely strategic that Apple MUST play with the mobile phone industry or provide their own phone. YouTube is showing this latest Diggnation where they’ve spilled the beans on the upcoming rumored phone.

Here’s some rumored specs of what the Phone is expected to look like.  I doubt I’ll renew my warranty on my iPod, something better is always coming.

Featured I’d like to see (add comments for wish list)

  • Wireless synching between laptop and iPhone
  • Download media via cell phone, (mobile client)
  • Share peer to peer media
  • iPhone is integrated with other Apple products

Don’t be surprised if Apple enters the digital camera market soon.

  • Interesting stuff albeit a couple of observations from Europe.

    First of all things happening in Japan does not necessarily spell that they will migrate overseas anytime soon. Japan has a completely different mobile landscape than US or even Europe. Having said that I agree that Apple should come up with an iPhone with the iPod integrated. It would be too cool, and the iPod integration would be the hook to secure the upsell to the phone.

    Second: Why would Apple get out there with a line of cameras? Unless you have specific knowledge I don’t see why they should. The sync between iPhoto and digital cameras from many makers is already seamless, and thus Apple doesn’t have the music compatibility issue to play on in order to get people to buy an iCamera. Honestly I think Apple’s ressources would be better spend elsewhere.

  • J,

    In my opinion, the ultimate phone should have the following:

    1. music and videos
    2. digital camera
    3. gps system
    4. credit card paying mechanism

    Looks like 3/4 can be found on Samsung’s new helio: http://www.helio.com/page?p=homepage&cmpid=BAC-ba-ego-1×2&chid=AF0088#devices_drift.

    iPhone is tempting but if Helio can provide the same + GPS; i’ll definitely think twice.


  • Bess

    I like to convince Apple to at least install browser on their ipod first and offer ability to read email, blog or RSS.

  • Re-enter the Digital Camera market.


    And I don’t think the iPod will just go away, you’re not supposed to sit on a plane with your phone on even if you are just listening to music. There’s also the fact that there are many tech trends that the West doesn’t embrace even though Japan does.

  • Mads: It’s because it’s about convergence. Mario pretty much answers this in his requirements. The next generation North American mobile device requires many features, not just one.

    Sure Apple may partner or integrate some other technology for digi cams, but ultimately they’ll need a solution to do this.

  • StorageZilla

    Yup, peer to peer interaction between mobile devices is and will happen. Mario points out that cell phones could help with personal identifications and payment systems.

  • naribal

    convergence is not good.
    a phone camera will never be as good as a regular point & shoot, say a sony t9. a phone music player will never be as good as an ipod. a phone gps will never be as good as a top-of-the-line garmin.
    i’d rather keep my cell phone, ipod and camera apart, it’s how i manage to get the best results of all three of them.

  • Naribel

    Convergence is good, but only if you can get best of breed (or good enough) into one device.

  • I have to kind of agree with naribal, it depends on what you want. A similar analagy could be made with Adobe (macromedia) fireworks. Sure, it does graphics *and* html nicely, but it was/is a compromise of photoshop and dreamweaver (eclipse is the hot IDE now). Do the Japanese phones have hard drives? If you can pack 60gb into a phone, then maybe convergence has a chance.

    A big stumbling block for real convergence will be physical size: it seems people want smaller phones, but bigger screens on the iPods. Perhaps another compromise is in order.

  • Brian the next gen iPod is supposed to have a large screen. Some cell phones today are SO small, it can be integrated.

    Overtime, these devices will disappear nearly completely as it gets embedded to a near invisible device.

  • Yeah, but that’s my point. People want a small cell phone so they can have one and be inconspicuous in all forms of dress. The trend seems to have been for smaller phones. Even the guys on ‘queer eye’ shunned phones as accessories. It seems there will be two separate markets, one that wants a tinly phone that can play lots of mp3s and play a couple small clips (as a novelty), and another that wants a PSP sized media player that may as well have a phone.

  • There are probably more types of folks out there that span hundreds if not thousands of wants in mobile devices.

    Queer eye huh?

    “ven the guys on ‘queer eye’ shunned phones as accessories.”

    Damn, I guess I need to take the rhinestones off my cell, what about my laptop?

  • As a complete 100% Machead that is in the market for a phone and an iPod right now, this is what I’m waiting for.

    And I don’t even know what it is yet.

    I want:

    1. RSS
    2. Email
    3. Music, Video, Photos (I’m one that doesn’t care about a small iPod screen for movies. I’d use it more to show movies of my daughter to people, not watch full length movies)
    4. Mobile Chat (not a biggie though, but it’s in all the rumors)
    5. Open. I want to use whatever carrier I want. Don’t lock me in.
    6. Don’t kill me on the price.

    As a Mac guy, I *know* I’ll get this, regardless. I simply could never use another device because I rely on iTunes integration too much. I freakin’ can’t wait for this thing much longer…

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