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Sun reaches out to Startups, uses Social Media


I care about how companies use Social Media to reach out to companies, Sun typically does a pretty ok job at it.

A few months ago, I helped to coordinate the Lunch 2.0 at Hitachi Data Systems (Data storage) for Web companies. We had 10 web companies present their products to the community, over 200 people showed up, there were a lot of blogs, pictures, videos and a few podcasts. It appears Sun is getting more interested in this space, as John Schwartz talks about the next Fortune 500, and Tim Bray of Sun makes references to Thumper, the next generation server/storage offering.

Want to know how much the Thumper costs? Adam published the price list. Not unusual as Robin Harris, a Storage professional, published all the price lists of the Data Storage industry, I noted on the Data Storage Industry Wiki. Robin, be sure to update the price lists. (as I don’t see Sun listed on there)
I found Sun’s approach to spreading the word about Thumper pretty interesting, Johnathan Schwartz made a video calling for people to respond via video on YouTube, and Google Video. Don’t know what ever happened there, but that’s an interesting use of using the right medium for the emerging technology audience.

Jeremiah who continues to watch the Data Storage blogosphere.

Brian loathes the term ‘Social Media Optimization’


Respected Social Media practitioner Brian Oberkirch (who I just wrote about last night) doesn’t like people gaming the system, he says “There Is No Such Thing As Social Media Optimization“. He doesn’t like it because:

  • “You are link bait dressed as thought leadership”
  • You focus people on tools & rules instead of talk & understanding
  • You attempt to homogenize & productize what will really be a series of handmade, one-off engagements
  • You do ridiculous things like put yourself in Wikipedia to seem more legit
  • You attempt to ‘black box’ and complicate what should be made transparent, open, abundant
  • You drag that bullshit practice of SEO into the social media world”

As far as I see it, these are best practices based upon experience to use these tools to their maximum ability, I see nothing wrong with that. That of course, as long as they fall under the premise of being community and customer focused.

Interactive Web Media Campaign, “CandyStand” from Extra


Extra launches Interactive Media Campaign, called “CandyStand”, which appears to have been live for some time. According to Technorati it’s ranked at 5,042 which means it has 981 links from 484 blogs. Seth Godin may say that’s ‘remarkable’. The “Jetpack Mission” game is making some waves on, although if you read the comments, you’ll see some mixed opinions. The Interactive firm is called WWDG and has an odd website, you can read this very dry press release from announcing the campaign.

Tactics Deployed

  • Interactive Media
  • Accelerated with Social Media (Digg, Blogs)
  • Flash Gaming
  • Web Branding

Cool Screens: Archos Portable Video and Apple Cinema Displays


New Colleague Christopher Coulter (Who I’m rethinking my stance on, he’s a pretty nice dude) was showing me his Archos Portable Digital Media Player. He uses this while filming on site, as well as enjoying entertainment media. It doesn’t have the best external sound but one could easily put on headphones or connect to any audio device.


That video interview below looks like the one with Hamid Shojaee of Axosoft. I’m pretty sure they’re sitting at is the Podtech office on illustrious Sand Hill road. We’re in an incubator, I’ve posted some pics here of the humble and growing podtech offices.


I went to the Apple Store to get my iPod replaced (which I have to figure out how to re-synch my content) and ran into this massive monitor, see the Apple Cinema Displays.

When Private Conversations go Public it can’t be good.


Robert’s up in arms about some private discussions being aired in public then being distorted . Rob, who I had dinner with and others with just a few weeks ago at Podcamp West has taken some private discussions public.

A few months ago, I was speaking at Ragan PR Conference, and Robert, being at Podtech a startup asked if I could share a room with him to reduce his expenses. Heh, at first I was a little reluctant, but ultimately gave in, as it ends up, Ragan provided him a hotel room, (he was the opening keynote after all). Robert’s asking for conference expenses being covered is consistent, he’s not playing an ego card as far as I can tell.

I really hope this gets worked out, I suspect this is blown way out of proportion, and hopefully this can be resolved so Robert can attend Podcamp. One rule of thumb is that private matters shouldn’t be exploited in public.

Update, Nov 29th: There appears to be some closure on this topic. Let’s all get back to work now! 🙂

Jeremiah has a mild case of ‘Corporatitus’, poppin’ some pills tonight, any doctors in the house?


Heh, Maybe I’ve been working at large corporations too long.

Today was my first day working full-time at Podtech. Although I was at a large startup Exodus (with a git-er-done attitude) from 2000-2003, I realized today how I’ve been trained to think and act a certain way that is nearly opposite from a startup with less than 35 people. Not bad, not good, just different.

I’m taking some pills tonight, they are 500MG of “Fast and Flexible” and 250MG of “Try, Fail, Learn, and Try Again”, and a spoonfull of “Innovation, Determintation”.

In the long run, this is a good thing, as I was asked to help out because of my Corporate deployment of Social Media, I’m just going to need to figure out how to turn it on and off.

If anyone has any other solutions, over the counter or home remedies, be sure to let me know so I can beat this bug quickly. Maybe Holly has some ideas, she just left AOL for a stealth startup.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming Podtech news, there are some amazing things happening.