Changing my Media and Communication Mix

Over the next few days, I’m going to be changing my Media intake, I’ve erased many of my feeds on my Google Reader feedreader and am starting over from scratch.  My Ipod has been replaced, so I’m re-selecting podcasts and video blogs.  Also, I’ve cut out Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo, Gizmo, Skype, and Mobile Yahoo IM. (It’s nothing personal). I’m not sure if I’ll return to IM, we’ll see.  Those that know my cell can call anytime!

I’m not quite fully online at Podtech yet, so there is some slowness in my online response.  It’s kind of fun to start from scratch!

So if I’ve been unresponsive, please don’t get it personally, I’m still adjusting. (And trying to digest those red pills)