My iPod Died, Exchanged for New one

My iPod died at 11mos of usage. Granted, I’ve taken it around the world (London, China, Japan and all over the US) and played in my car, it’s seen some miles.

Like David Burden, I made a reservation online, showed up on time and was able to receive a brand new shiny 60 gig Video iPod replacement, no money spent. These things seem a bit fragile, so I may purchase the $60 extended warranty that will last me another year. Given I’m at a podcasting and Videoblogging company, having an iPod will be pretty important to consuming the product.

I asked the ‘Genius’ a few questions:

JKO: “Does Steve Jobs come in here?”
Genius: “Yup, he comes in once in a while and wants to see what it’s like as a customer”
JKO: “I’ll be this Palo Alto store has some of the best service out of all the apple stores!”

Second Volley:
JKO: “What do you know about the upcoming iFone?”
Genius: “Sir, We’re not allowed to speculate on unreleased products, this is a stock answer I’m told to give customers”

Did I ever tell you I think that iPods will be obsolete in 2 years? Why? Because of convergence, in Japan, the MP3 Players are already integrated with cell phones. I witnessed this here, and here. (pics)