Jeremiah has a mild case of ‘Corporatitus’, poppin’ some pills tonight, any doctors in the house?

Heh, Maybe I’ve been working at large corporations too long.

Today was my first day working full-time at Podtech. Although I was at a large startup Exodus (with a git-er-done attitude) from 2000-2003, I realized today how I’ve been trained to think and act a certain way that is nearly opposite from a startup with less than 35 people. Not bad, not good, just different.

I’m taking some pills tonight, they are 500MG of “Fast and Flexible” and 250MG of “Try, Fail, Learn, and Try Again”, and a spoonfull of “Innovation, Determintation”.

In the long run, this is a good thing, as I was asked to help out because of my Corporate deployment of Social Media, I’m just going to need to figure out how to turn it on and off.

If anyone has any other solutions, over the counter or home remedies, be sure to let me know so I can beat this bug quickly. Maybe Holly has some ideas, she just left AOL for a stealth startup.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming Podtech news, there are some amazing things happening.

  • Jeremiah! I am completely with you on that one!! I wrote a post about how in larger corporations I was more a gatherer and now I need to be a hunter and put initiative to the test! Another pill to take =)… I’m sure you will do better than fine =)

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  • Heh, I popped a few pills, feeling much better now!

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    I think you’re worrying about one day too much ;-)After all, you’re probably a little nervous & need a little transition time.

    My thoughts:
    The simplest answer is probably the best.
    Creativity is valued over structure.
    And don’t be afraid about upsetting the CEO…many startup CEOs like being challenged;-)


    Remember that you’ve got something to offer the company.


  • Thanks Damon…good stuff.

  • I’d take two of these books and call me in the morning after you enjoy their refreshing POVs: “Management of the Absurd” by Richard Farson (often out of print but available used) and “Six Thinking Hats” by Edward De Bono. They’ll be familiar to your corporate mindset and charge up your startup batteries.

  • Heh, thanks David!

  • For God’s sake, TAKE THE RED PILL! The blue one takes you back to F500.

  • *Jeremiah gulps two Red Pills*

  • shirley

    Hmmm… you sure popped a lot of pills today. Are you going to start changing things around the house too?

  • my advice: the first time you are tempted to say “that’s not my job” — bite your tongue!

  • Heh, some pretty funny comments and emails today about this.

    Valerie at Podtech read this and thought it was pretty funny, I’m sure Hitachi people think this is funny too.

    For the most part, I’ve taken the bull by the horns and I’m going for it. Taking the opportunities ’till someone tells me to chill out.

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  • Bess

    Take the red pill. Enter “The Matrix”.

    I give up my job title 2 years ago. I named myself as “Mission Impossible Lead”. My boss doesn’t care my title any more. He just simply asks can you do it. And I’ll do it.

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