Which big Software Company will buy a Blogging Platform?

With all the hype of blogging, Storagezillla and I have been discussing if an Enterprise Software Company will buy/should a blogging platform. In summary, his answer, which I tend to agree with is “No”.

I agree, it’s much cheaper to either: 1) build your own blogging software, or, 2) license and partner from a provider.

Many of us already know that Sharepoint will have a blogging feature (that’s already been played with by me) to be released early 2007. I wouldn’t hold you breathe for it, it is Microsoft, I wonder if they’ll modify RSS so they’ll have ownership over the code (I’m somewhat joking here). With the upcoming Outlook 12 to offer an embedded feedreader, maybe they’ll have hooks into blogging software. Microsoft Word can already publish to Blogger and WordPress.

License and Partner:
It may makes sense for companies like Oracle, Microsoft, EMC, and other enterprise software vendors to just offer a blogging/wiki/feedreader package from a group that already offers this. Tidbit: Did you know that Hitachi Japan resold Six Apart’s Typepad in Japan, it was called “Boxer blog” software. I use this in past tense, as I don’t know the status since there articles came out, and I’ve not heard from anyone else. Maybe thought leader Anil could fill us in.