Hitachi Humanizes with Online Video

I’m rather proud of this high production video series that Hitachi has put together, it really shows how technology is being used in a human way to solve real flesh and blood problems.

Check out the video series called Hitachi True Stories.

Two of the five shows are already live, the first one is focused on how fiber has connected a community in Oregon. The second show, focused on how technology is used in crime sleuthing has some neat angle shots. This kind of reminds me of the BMW films used a few years ago, pretty interesting.

Even though I’m going to Podtech in a few weeks, I’m still going to be a Hitachi fan, it’s a good people that are reaching out to tell their story.

Blogs are great for a fast transmission of content, podcasts are a great for mobile and ambient mediums, but nothing conveys emotion and the human experience better than video.