Second Life could use an ‘Observer’ or ‘Shadow’ feature, lower the barriers to view

Techcrunch reports that Dell is going to announce something in SecondLife. It doesn’t really matter what it is they announce, but the fact that they’re using SecondLife like Sun, Edelman, and others are is likely the primary motivation. Brian has identified SL as the next shiny object, should WebEx be worried?

Some journalists are annoyed they have to create new user accounts and register.

“but one journalist, annoyed that he is being forced to create a Second Life account and log in to see what the announcement is, decided to just pass it on to us to break the news.”

That’s only half of it, as you’ll have to download the application, or make sure you’ve the current version to visit. Yes, there are barriers to instantly joining second life. In past events, the headcount was been limited, and Martin McKeay had troubles getting into the last Sun announcement…more barriers.

My recommendations is to encourage Linden labs to create a feature that lets anyone follow a host, or zip around as a non-interactive ‘shadow’ or ‘ghost’ without registering or logging in. Double bonus points if one doesn’t have to login. Perhaps Flash MX could serve something like this.

Linden labs, please lower the barriers to ‘view’ so more can contribute, this is the time to show the world.

Update: Even IBM is getting in on the Secondlife action.