Pictures from Okayama and Tokyo

My Fuji and two smoke stakes (From a bullet train going over 100 MPH)

Above a picture of Mount Fuji and two Smoke Stacks (Three Smoke Stacks) aboard the bullet train going over 100 MPH from Okayama to Tokyo (a four hour train ride).
Okayama and Tokyo are near opposites. We found Okayama to be sleepy, suburban and easy to get around. Tokyo was a mishmash of thousands of people, hundreds of modes of transportation and sounds and noises from every nook and cranny. Here’s some of my favorite photos from both cities.

You can view all my Japan Photos, China, and Hong Kong. Thanks for the encouragement Mario to post more pictures.

IMG_4865 Pedestrian and Biker Knocker Tatami Royal Court New to Old Okayama Castle Tokyo Fish Market Crab Shibuya, Tokyo

IMG_5147 Yummy sweets in Tokyo LOL Salarymen at a Raman Shop IMG_5595 Three Leaves The cars are very small (or I'm very big) Harajuku Style Packed Subway Cars Fruit is VERY expensive in Japan, that's about 15 dollars US Trunk, Tuna?