Visiting Kyoto of Ancient Japan, no Chicken Teriyaki here




IMG_4525 IMG_4613 IMG_4774 IMG_4619 IMG_4671 IMG_4749 IMG_4759 Autumn in Kyoto IMG_4685 IMG_4686 IMG_4682 IMG_4816 IMG_4712 IMG_4560 IMG_4515

I was able to travel to Kyoto via bullet train, one of the cities that wasn’t bombed much during WW2, it still retains it’s beauty and history of ancient Japan. Nijo Castle is the former capital of Japan, it was the place of meetings for Shoguns. The floors were designed to ‘squeek’ so assasins would always be heard approaching.

I’ve been enjoying REAL Japanese food over the last few days, guess what? It doesn’t include Chicken Teriyaki or California Rolls. Those are Americanisms. There is sushi in Japan, but it’s eaten as common as Americans go to a nice steakhouse for dinner, which for the common person isn’t that often. (Edit: I found out that some eat sushi during lunch) Most food is noodles, soup, and when on the go the fast food is bento boxes (and no it’s not the same as what you order at American restaurants)

I’m thoroughly enjoying my global travels through Asia. I know when I get back I’m going to be super busy with rolling off my job at Hitachi Data Systems and ramping up for Podtech, which people are already contacting me wanting to schedule meetings.