I’ll be working with Scoble’s Detractor! Shocking, but not really.

Thank you all for the kind words in email, blog posts, and comments, if you’re not up to speed, I’m joining Podtech in a few weeks.

I was cruising through some of the folks at Podtech who welcomed me such as the official Podtech blog, and Maryam’s blog and I’m most surprised to find out that one of my future colleagues will be Christopher Coulter!!!

Chris is Scoble’s public detractor, he’s been leaving comments on Robert’s blog for quite a while, a few months ago, Robert let Chris stay over at his house, I asked a few questions.  Now I find out that he’s going to be a colleague of mine.  That’s going to be interesting.  For a while, I wasn’t quite sure if Chris was a real person or a psuedoname, he never really disclosed too much about himself.  I guess I’ll get to find out myself.

Imagine your worst public enemy, now think of hiring him or her to keep you in check.  Robert always surprises me, but I shouldn’t be too shocked, he has a habit of stepping into his uncomfort zone to better himself.

Christopher, I look forward to meeting you.

  • Cool – congrats on your move to PodTech! Sounds like a great fit. You strike me as more of a “Start-up” kind of guy than an F500. 🙂

  • Bess

    I found Robert Scoble to be quite an interesting guy. He certainly makes certain interesting decisions. I don’t think Robert hires Christopher to keep him in check. I think Robert is in need of finding talents. Christopher must has some talent and quality that attracts Robert.

    Sometimes I wouldn’t want to be with the “yes” man all the times. What if I am wrong this time. I learn to tell my boss, aka chairman, the facts especially certain decisions he made will cause the company lose profits or impact the sales.

    Life is interesting when someone gives a different opinion as long as it is a good discussion, not personal attack. So far Christopher didn’t attack me on my opinion on IE vs Firefox.

    I like to meet Christopher in person especially he expresses interests in my corporate video editing.

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