Bottom Up News Breaks Fast

Interesting anecdote of how social media is breaking news in near real-time from folks close to the action. Of course the biggest challenge will be, is it accurate? Is it newsworthy, and what about the professionalism of journalists that we’re missing?

Funny that the story doesn’t even include how long it will take for a printed newspaper to land in the hands of readers…

Update: Read this high level summary of old media and (not vs) new media from Business Week.  Sometimes when I read articles like this from traditional media, I often think of it as confirmation of things that are happening on the front line where I’m focused.  The challenge with traditional/old media is that it tends to be slower, with less passion, and void of the juicy human details that one gets from the front lines of social media.  Upper management pays more attention to traditional/old media, so everything has it’s place.