The Google Empire

Nick Carr, who I often disagree with, has written a fantastic piece on United States vs Google. He discusses previous empires of IBM with mainframes, Microsoft with Software, and now the sheer market share percentage that Google has over Search, Video, and now creeping on Media. Even a few months ago the BBC noticed all of the applications in the google suite. Some suggest that Google is a one trick pony, as I see, now coupled with Online Video (which will no doubt spill into the living room) they’ve two ponies.

Have you seen the Google Corporate About Page and blog? I spent a while cruising through the various resources. Here are some Google testimonials. You can see what a fun place it is to work there, I’ve been there for lunch, between the dogs, electric scooters and young workers it’s like a “college campus from the future” Although Google strives not to be “evil” and to organize the information of the world, they’re quickly becoming content (and media) containers.

In my opinion, Google will dominte the rest of the rest of this decade in the tech industry. Someday they get too big, too slow, fight too many legal battles and become to slow to react to a smaller more agile opponent.

Always remember that no empire is forever.