The Greatest Mashup Eva!

Here’s a great example of four products opening up their raw data and APIs to create a new community mashup that meets the unique needs of a specialized consumer on the long tail using user generated geo tagging and syndicated dynamic vector font colors.


Behold the Frito Lay Mashup!

  • What, it was two hours since your last entry and you just had to find something to write about?

  • after the gootube explosion yes, it was a slow day.

  • do the pretzels really belong there? or were they just stuck in to please the Frito Lay execs? 🙂

  • Allen,

    Good point… pretzels are not part of the cheese ‘data type’, so this is a bit odd.

    Someone call standards.

  • Cheese Fix(tm)

  • Does this make Chex Mix the Amazon of snack mix mashup explosion (the granddaddy)?


  • Oh Adam,

    Chex mix is “SnackMash 1.0”.

    its oldschool

  • 1.25 ounce bag? I’m guessing there was room in there for about 1.25 of each chip/pretzel 😉

  • I think it’s 1.75 oz. It was a plentiful mix.

  • Rob

    Um…my understanding is that this mashup is akin to the hotdog–the LEFTOVERS from assembly lines, as in scraped off side of bins, ones that fall thru cracks on to the floor, the not so good specimens.
    Kind of like the ground “beef” at taco bell, or the outdated milk they put up front, or…