Social Media Club | Oct 23rd in Palo Alto

When I first sat down to talk with Kristie Wells at Bloggercon we hit it off right from the start. She and Chris are two of my social media peers that are leading the charge in education and implementing social media. They’ve invited me to attend as ‘blogger press’ to an upcoming event.

It’s my understanding that this event will be a valuable workshop for folks that need to understand social media, how to implement, and to learn best and worst practices (I’ve got some examples of both). For those that work at corporations there is a fee, and for those individuals that don’t have an educational resource budget, there are opportunities to apply for ‘partial scholarships’. Contact Kristie to learn more, please tell her I reffered you.

The event is called From Social Media to Corporate Media: An Interactive Workshop for High Tech Communications Professionals

“This workshop is a unique hybrid of a traditional conference and an unconference, blending the best of both worlds. During the course of the afternoon on Monday October 23rd you will hear short talks from leading Social Media practitioners and engage in conversations with other Silicon Valley professionals, leaving the workshop with an understanding of how your company can benefit from producing Corporate Media using Social Media tools. Registration costs $150 and can be done online using Mollyguard. After the workshop, stay for an evening cocktail reception hosted by SAP and Social Media Club. If you are unable to attend the workshop, you may purchase a ticket for the reception for only $25, which is included in the cost of event registration.”

Some of the highlights of the afternoon include the following sessions:

  • The Corporate Media Opportunity
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Engagement Tactics
  • Social Media Case Study – SAP
  • Social Media BrainJam
  • Cocktail Party Presented by SAP and Social Media Club
  • Sessions will involve the following folks (and you) Chris Heuer, Robert Scoble, Lisa Stone, Giovanni Rodriguez, Geoff Kerr of SAP.

I’m hoping that at the next event, I can share how we’ve deployed Community Marketing at Hitachi Data Systems (heck maybe we can host it). Regardless, I really encourage you to attend, come and meet me, Kristie, and a variety of other good folks. See you there! Sign up info here.