Technorati could deliver a “Notify of Splog” toggle and help clean up the blogosphere

All hail Technorati, Down with the Sploggers.

Thanks to all the Sploggers for linking to me and lowering my Technorati rank, you make me more popular than I really am. Some of the splogs are re-hashing either my full feed or my partial feed and then placing ads all over their blog. I’ve seen reports where some sploggers can make up to 50,000 a year in re-using my content.

1) User Submitted Splog Alerts.
It would be nice if Technorati would let me indicate when a URL is a splog, and there would be a social generated list where these blogs will be blacklisted. Perhaps some sort of “report as a splog” toggle on my Technorati page where I could indicate that an incoming link is a splog.

2) Others have this data.
Recently, I discussed that Akismet APIs could be used for indexers to filter out all the splogs.

3) Combine with other data sources.
By combining both the Akismet Splog list and the Technorati Splog list we’ll collectively be able to identify real vs fake blogs. My hopes of course, are to really only surface the gems and cast away the coal in the blogosphere.

4) Punish.
Submit to Google and Yahoo indexes.  Lower page rank, lower in results, remove AdSense features

What do you think? maybe Dave Sifry has some ideas, I really value Technorati and would love to see it add more.