Wanted: VP of Marketing and VP of Business Development for Stealth Startup

I don’t normally advertise jobs for folks, so please consider this a special occasion for some friends that have a unique social site in stealth mode in the bay area. I really believe this company has something that no one else has yet to release so there’s really an opportunity for the right people to help craft. I’ve posted two jobs reqs for the qualified marketing folks that can meet these roles as VP of Marketing and Community, as well as Business Development VP or Director. If you’re the right person for this job, please forward your resume to Jobs.passionatestartup@gmail.com. Feel free to reference that you heard about the role here at my site.

Jotspot acquired by Google

I just met Scott Johnson at Web SIG last week, another attendee just emailed me and let me know that Jotspot just announced they got acquired by Google. Wow congrats to both JotSpot and Google. I wonder what’s next for Google? They’ve got nearly every possible application available out there, maybe they should buy a podcasting company, or SecondLife, or oh I dunno.

Owyang Family Returns to Roots using Internet (Part 2)

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out to China to fulfill the trip to tie back my Americanized Owyang family to our roots. In a recent post, I told how the Owyang Family Returns to Roots using Internet (Part 1), you can get the background info there. During the trip We’ll be taking pictures, recording, and will eventually share our thoughts on the group blog that I created called Ouyang Homecoming. (FYI: that’s the more common spelling) Shel Israel recently let me know that this is a story that seems appropriate for his upcoming book Global Neighborhoods, which is going to tell how the world is smaller from the web, as well as how communities are starting to form using the internet. … Continue readingOwyang Family Returns to Roots using Internet (Part 2)

The Benefits of Conference Blogging

I’m very surprised at Nielson banning blogging and all recording from their most recent conference. Steve Rubel questions is blogging should be banned all together at conferences, he learned from Greg, who questions the irony of no CGM at a Nielsen CGM conference. There’s other conversations on Techmeme on this. I’m often invited to conferences (at no charge, and sometimes as ‘press’) to blog about the event. I take presentation notes (sometimes at great deal), add my own thoughts, and take pictures to tell the story. This builds an archive and links the community of those who attended, blogged about it, and helps to spread the word about the knowledge gained and learned. Steve writes the following: “I see both … Continue readingThe Benefits of Conference Blogging

Loading up the iPod for the Trip (Content Reccomendations Needed)

I’m getting ready for a two week vacation, and I won’t have much internet access while in Asia.  In fact, I won’t be able to even update my subscriptions on iTunes. I’m constantly amazed how the web is the delivery platform for so much media.  iTunes has really become the digital marketplace for media, part of the reason why Tower Records is dying, and some folks think CDs are heading the way of the dodo.  iTunes offers movies, TV shows, Games, all at varying prices, I can see this being such a profit center for them. I’ve downloaded ‘Bejeweled’ a puzzle game that my wife will like, a bunch of video podcasts from Rev 3, downloaded all of Brian’s Edgeworks … Continue readingLoading up the iPod for the Trip (Content Reccomendations Needed)