Online Video and Photography: More Photowalking

I’m learning a lot about photography and watching this artist cruise around SF taking pictures. It’s neat as you can watch the video, hear his insight, and then the actual final photographs will be shown on the video

Part 1: Thomas near golden gate bridge

Part 2: He discusses some of his more advanced tactics, gets wet and crawls around on the floor like a sniper

Part 3: Night shooting the golden gate, and taking pics of people

Part 4: City shooting at night (food porn discussion too)

Online Video is going to be important, here’s why:

  • It tells a unique story that text or audio can’t tell alone
  • It’s engaging (but requires most or all of your attention)
  • Online video can and wiill be distributed in the following vehicles
    • Browser (in players)
    • Mobile Devices (Like video iPod)
    • TV hybrid devices (like Tivo, Slingbox)
    • TV (someday, someone will create a channel that pulls in content from web, like Current TV)

Robert, I’d like to see the blue sky, not the washed out white background, is that possible? I know you’re just getting started.

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