Dreamhost Talks to Andy and the Blogosphere Reacts

Big thanks to Dreamhost for restoring Andy’s websites, he’s coming out of hell.

You can read his horrible experience on this blog that he created in Blogger called NightmareHost.

Andy has gotten some human responses, so hopefully this will all be resolved.
Several folks blogged about it, such as myself, Julio, and Brian.

I had breakfast with Robert at a podtech session and told him how powerless Andy was, he chimed in and there was a flurry of discussion, Robert blogged about it and there are 23 comments. It seems hit and miss with dreamhost, some have problems and some do.
Robert was compared to Dreamhost using the term “Suck” (As that’s a good way to google a company or product to see how folks think of it) You can see the battle between “ScobleSucks” vs “Dreamhost” Sucks. The results: 74 Scoble, to 24,600 Dreamhost.

A potential customer turned away from Dreamhost, because he read the blog posts. Blogs impact revenue.

I don’t know if Social Media helped to pressure Dreamhost to talk to Andy again, but it’s interesting how feedback and the voice of the customer can be heard and read in near real time.

Lastly, thank you Dreamhost for restoring Andy’s service and communication to him.

Update: Josh from Steel Pixel has left a comment offering Andy and I free web hosting for two months, and also a Discount for you. This is an example of social media spreading the word (and super fast). I’m going to evaluate the offer closely.