Dreamhost, kindly respond to Andy!

I’ve been hearing from friend Andy about his nightmares with Dreamhost (in fact I’m a customer too, partly due to his recommendations). He manages multiple websites and they’ve been shut down today. Andy doesn’t believe he’s at fault, and is asking for a dialogue with Dreamhost, and now they’ve clammed up.

Having worked closely with Andy for some time, I highly suspect that he’s pretty careful about how he manages his websites, and I suspect this is a simple misunderstanding. I hate having to do this to a company, but I really want to encourage a conversations between Andy and Dreamhost.

Folks, imagine if your blog or websites was taken down, locked, and they refused to talk to you, how would you feel?

Dreamhost friends, please respond to Andy, it’s really an appropriate professional courtesy, thanks in advance!


Big Update:

Apparently Dreamhost has contacted Andy and will be restoring service. !!!

  • Thanks for the link Jeremiah. If anyone can initiate conversations, it’s you. 😉

  • Check out DreamHost blog at blog.dreamhost.com. In the past I wrote about lesson learnt from infrastructure disasters at DreamHost. Its seems like they ran in to more issues recently and covered them on their blog.

  • The most frustating thing is there no one to call and it feels like an email address that falls into the ether.

  • Anil, I am aware of those problems and completely understand them. But this is an issue that is directly affecting me. They choose to suspend my account (which hosts many domains and over 100GB of data) with out any real reason and now they seem to refuse to communicate with me any further.

    hollyster, yes!, that is incredibly frustrating. Having an email-only contact policy for a web hosting company is no way to run a business.

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  • Jesse

    I think it’s unrealistic to expect good phone customer service when you are paying such incredibly cheap rates for an amazing amount of features.

    What dreamhost should do is offer a “gold” package for an extra monthly fee for people who feel the need to have a live person available for immediate assistance.

  • First off, I like Scoble. He entertains me.

    Now, with that said, do a google search for “Scoble sucks”

    My god. He’s worse then Dreamhost 🙂

    Doing my vanity sucks search results in even more, but unfortunately they are all for other Mike Miller’s.

    Good luck getting that resolved, Andy.

  • Mike

    I just did the query “Scoble Sucks” most of them that come up are him talking about something ELSE sucking, or people that are just saying it to get on ‘techmeme’.

    I know Robert pretty well, you can tell him he sucks, and as long as you tell him why, he’ll probally blog about it.

  • I’m not picking on Robert. I like Robert. I just think it’s funny the number of hits you can get from google on something like that.

  • Heh no worries, Robert is very good natured. He took so much heat as the “Face of Microsoft” he can take just about anything.

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  • http://googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=%22dreamhost+sucks%22&word2=%22scoble+sucks%22

    “scoble sucks” 74 results
    “dreamhost sucks” 24600 results

    No contest.

  • Chris, thanks

    I left your comment and URL to Google fight on Scoble’s blog and credited you


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  • Jeremiah,

    I am sorry to hear that your friend is having such a tough time with hosting. We (The Web 2.0 Show podcast guys) run a hosting business and we would like to invite both you and Andy to give it a try (two months free). We would like to also offer a 10% discount to all your blog readers, they can just use the discount code “switch” when they sign up.

    We try to keep a very human feel to our hosting, we use IM and campfire to allow real time chat with customers. We don’t really spend money on advertising because we feel the dollars a customer spends with us should improve the services we provide them. We are very much a fan of “Creating passionate users” :). You can read more on our ideas at our blog.

  • Olia

    guys, you should look at SiteGround. compared to that one, Dreamhost is heaven and has an ultra-friendly customer service. i mean it.

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  • The most frustating thing is there no one to call and it feels like an email address that falls into the ether.

  • anglersid

    Eww, really? I hate that there is no LIVE service for DreamHost, no phone, no chat, just email and wait…that said, I have been a customer of theirs for years! Are you saying that SiteGround's service is worse? I've had so many nightmare experiences with so many different hosts, and been nickel-and-dimed to death for simple features. DreamHost is just good enough. I've been on the verge of leaving a couple of times, but lately it has been great, very reliable, and it's feature rich, etc.

    Funny thing about ALL of the hosting companies, they are really quite friendly and helpful BEFORE THE SALE, but it's like pulling teeth to get things done after they have you committed to a year or two, and harder than hell to get a refund even if they have an “100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee, we totally promise” policy. (experienced small-business webmasters, you know it's true!)

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