Revver Redesigns

Left: Image of Micki taken by KK+ at Webvisions.

Micki the community manager at Revver recently alerted me to some changes that have happened, they just launched their version 1.0. If you’ve never played around with their video site (yes, I know another video site) they have a pretty fast interface with quite a few tools for social sharing and voting.

Revver Shares the revenue with the uploader. (I was talking about this already happening, the future will be point 24) read their FAQ to learn more.

It’s really simple: you upload a video to Revver, and we attach a brief, unobtrusive ad and our unique tracking technology to “Revverize” the video. Every time that ad gets clicked, we share the revenue with you 50/50. You can then track your video’s performance through your Revver account – which tells you exactly how many times your video is watched, and how much money you’re earning.

About Micki
Micki, her famous pictures here, or her video blog and I met at Webvisions a few months ago in Portland. She’s also known as one of the famous Valleywag hotties.