50th Anniversary of the Hard Drive Party at Computer History Museum

Just got back from the Computer History Museum, it was quite the opposite event from Lunch 2.0. I had to put on my suit and tie, and the average age was quite a bit older than I.

I have more respect for the pioneers in the Data Storage industry than ever before. The hard drive was invented 50 years ago, and I saw one of the original RAMAC disk drives (see this old picture). It’s the size of a washing machine and holds 5mb. How did I learn this? I had one of the most knowledgabe persons about data storage in the whole industry as my private tour guide, Hu Yoshida, read his thoughts here on this 50th celebration.

I’m thankful for the early pioneers of the Hard Drive, if not for them, I’d not have a job and be employed today. Thanks HGST for the wonderful event, Kim, Val, Mairead, Scott, Kathryn just to name a few. I enjoyed IBM’s presentation on the Rebels of Data Storage.

Hu and I had some time to reflect on today’s events, sheesh, it’s amazing that a simple social media guy can easily interface with an executive at a Fortune 1000 company, it’s amazing what a boy and a blog can do!

Edit: I just realized how amazing this day is, I helped Hu and a few others see the emerging and growing web market (in fact we hosted them in our own family room at HDS). Later that evening, Hu showed me the history of the Data Storage industry. This is going down as very special day.

Hu Yoshida and Jeremiah at Computer History Museum
CTO Hu Yoshida of Hitachi Data Systems and Myself
50th Disk Drive Anniversary
Large Platters
Computer History Museum
Mairead of HGST
Presentations by Hitachi GST, IBM, and SeagateDSC00219

Computer History Museum

The RAMAC (first Hardrive)