Some blogs are repurposing some of my content in order to link bait –bahstads!

Conversation about ‘Splogs’ (Fake blogs that steal content to gain revenue from Ads) has occurred in my comments between blogosphere thought leaders Glenn Fannick, and David Sifry.  Determining the exact number of splogs is debated, and then trying to find a solution to silence them is impossible. Glenn has some conservative analysis worth reading.  I’ve a feeling the numbers are somewhere between Glenn’s 1.4 Million and David’s 50 Million of active, genuine blogs.

Steve Rubel has some nasty stats that are worth mentioning:

  • Some 56 percent of active English-language blogs are spam, according to researchers at the University of Maryland
  • A survey by Mitesh Vasa in December 2005 found that Blogger.com was hosting more than 100,000 sploggers
  • One splogger interviewed by Wired (I’m not going to dignify him with a mention) made over $70,000 in just three months from his network of splogs

Splogs are not going away, as humans always figure out a way to work a system.  Anil Dash, in a recent Wired Article says; ‘”They’re making money on beating you, and you’re losing money fighting them, “ He discusses one solution to build some type of passport tool for unique addresses, this would never be accepted by the privacy community. Splogs will still persist and this just makes my job more difficult in trying to find the voice of the customer.

What percentage of the blogosphere do you think are Splogs vs Actual Blogs? What are some solutions to counter?