Jupiter: People read user-generated reviews before buys

This just in from OPA Intelligence Report — 8/21/06:

“Now editorial product reviews are under attack from the growing user-generated content online. JupiterResearch found that 77% of online shoppers read the reviews and ratings of products and services posted by other folks online. And those shoppers are becoming loyal to e-shops such as Amazon that offer product feedback. “It’s shifting the power away from Madison Avenue and into consumers’ hands,” venture capitalist Neil Sequeira told TechWeb. “Users create content they are passionate about. If there’s a surfboard you love, why not create some content around it?” Still, Jupiter’s Emily Riley said that blogs, wikis and forums aren’t always the most powerful determining factors, and come in behind good old word of mouth between two people online — who already know each other. “

Thanks Lisa for the tip.

  • Blogs, wikis, forums (and podcasts) are word of mouth. People get to know and trust each other through them. I don’t see much of a difference between the trust of someone I know, say before social media started happening and after. I would say that I am more likely to trust the opinions of people I “meet” online through their blog than to trust someone I know in “real life,” because chances are that there is a stronger affinity for the topic with the person I know through their blog or podcast. Or maybe I need to get out more.

  • Jeremiah, I just came across your blog via the Naked Conversations blog — and my own post today was inspired from yours about the latest JupiterResearch data. In my post, my comments were actually similar to Nick Dynice’s, but the key thing to consider is the opinions of PEOPLE vs. the opinion of one person. I’m still betting that Nick needs to get out more ;-).

  • This makes sense and is great!

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