Hitachi to celebrate 50th birthday of Hard drives –I’ll be there

Michael at Cnet reports that the growth for personal data storage will increase in massive capacity:

“Desktop hard drives holding 1 terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes, of storage will likely debut in 2006, according to Bill Healy, senior vice president of product strategy and marketing at Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. These drives, which will have a 3.5-inch diameter, are expected to be incorporated into PCs and home servers.”

Next month Hitachi Global Storage Technology will be hosting a birthday party for the Hard drive at the Computer History museum. I’m very honored that I’ve been invited to attend, I’ll be sharing a table with some of my Executives at Hitachi Data Systems. We’re sister companies to Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

Check out this brief history of Hard Drives to learn more. I4U has our logo up rather than the HGST logo, Kent Newsome discusses his needs for more data storage and Thomas from Engaget gives a brief history.

Of course, in my usual blogging fashion, I’ll blog the event and maybe take some pictures and video –stay tuned.