Steve Rubel on PR and Second Life

This video caught my eye of Steve Rubel discussing how PR and Marketing and Media folks are now engaging in Second Life. I’ve played with Second Life and still see it as emerging –haven’t touched in a while, may return later. It’s still interesting how Steve mentions how PR is not about controlling the message, but being involved in a dialogue –give up some control to gain a lot more. The same practice he’s applying to second life is what he preached about blogging.

There are so many websites/mediums to explore, it’s simply difficult to see them all. Don’t know what Second life is? Start here –or listen to my tour. Steve Rubel is one of the top PR bloggers in the world and works at the famous Edelman PR firm –he has a blog called Micropersuasions that is a ‘must-subscribe’ if you’re in that industy. I met Steve in SF during a blogger dinner a few months ago –he had this to say.