Blog and go to Jail: “Those who spread untruths on the Net will be detained”

Interesting article that the Prime Minister of Malaysia says the following in regards to blogs:

If information in blogs, websites and online portals were incorrect, bordered on slander, caused disturbance or compelled the public to lose faith in the nation’s economic policies, their authors would be detained for investigation, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.”

“We cannot allow such matters to flow through uncontrolled,” he told newsmen after attending a briefing on the proposed Islamic Civilisation Park in Pulau Wan Man here.

“They say all kinds of things, make all kinds of dubious claims. We cannot allow them to abuse the freedom earned under the media. If left alone, they can say or pass on all kinds of things.”

This includes mobile phones as well:

“Abdullah also said that those who sent out such information via short message system (SMS) would also be held accountable.”

Link via David Merrill, Colleague and Blogger.