Web Strategy: Individual Blogs may be more effective than Faceless Team Blogs

Some companies are worried that personal bloggers will get too big and then leave a company –they could take the brand, audience, and sometimes intellectual property with them. Jeff Treem has been discussing this change mainly in relation to Scoble’s move from Microsoft to Podtech. Other notable bloggers include Niall, Tara, and Om.

I’d say that many of these bloggers have done great things for their companies –They’ve brought them to market, changed the perspective of the company to customers and prospects –they’ve changed the brand.
I worry that companies will silence bloggers by acquiring a personal blog that was published during the time of employment, or employers will build faceless teamblogs that provide a roster of bloggers that can be shuffled in and out without showing true personality. Shel gives a warning on the dangers of Group blogs.

Companies may suffer from an initial sting when their key blogger moves to another opportunity but the platform of communication they’ve brought to organization and culture change will continue to live on.

It’s not over, they’ve changed the culture of the company –the two way communication style has just started, they’ve just setup the foundation for this relationship between customer and employee.

If anything, the blogger who has changed the cultured may be best suited for new ventures and new opportunities.

Embrace these individual bloggers just as you embrace your core executives, they’re providing leadership during this ‘new era’ of business communication –the best ones will set you up for a culture of long term success.

I know that I latch on to individual blogs, rather than group or team blogs –I’m sure most readers will as well.

(Written at 30,000 feet, somewhere over Mid America flying back to SFO)

Edit: Intersting, I noticed this hybrid blog by Trevor Cook, which includes some of his staff: “A group blog by Trevor Cook and JWM colleagues”